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Your Onsite Healthcare Clinic Combines High Quality Care With Convenience

Direct access to healthcare provides more convenient, high-quality care for you. You will be able to make appointments easily, receive specialist referrals quickly, and make healthy lifestyle changes with guidance and support from a certified provider. Our on-site healthcare clinic provides comprehensive services that include wellness programs, preventative care, urgent care, screenings, immunizations, disease management, and more. Your care is our top priority.

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Energy Wellness Onsite Healthcare Services

  • Onsite clinic 2-5 days per week
  • On-site annual preventative screening/physicals and age-appropriate lab screenings

  • CDL physicals

  • Treatment of acute infections (colds, flu, ear infection, etc)

  • Order and interpret lab tests and x-rays

  • Prescribe & manage medications for acute conditions

  • Simple laceration repair
  • Easy referrals to specialists

  • On-site immunizations

  • Drug screening

  • Personalized coaching to help you make healthy lifestyle changes: Weight loss and Smoking cessation

  • Clear communication

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