Top 10 Ways A Partnership with Energy Wellness
will Benefit Your Company

  • Improves the health of your employees!

  • Reduces recordable events

  • Measurable cost savings

  • No claims generated, no co-pays or deductibles

  • Onsite board certified FNP to administer vaccinations, prescriptions, lab and radiology orders

  • Drives culture of health and well-being improves morale

  • Boost’s workplace productivity

  • Decreases absenteeism

  • Creates easy access to specialty referrals

  • All employee information and visits held strictly confidential, 100% HIPPA compliant with latest EHR software

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In 2019, the average company-provided health insurance policy totaled $7,188 a year for single coverage. Employer healthcare costs in the U.S. rose 6.5% in 2020 – nearly double the rate of general inflation for another consecutive year. Prices continue to increase while utilization of services remains relatively flat or decreasing.

Employer Healthcare Cost Increase in 2020
Amount Employers Pay for Single Coverage
Average Cost of Company-provided Insurance in 2019


  • Onsite clinic 2-5 days per week (TBD by client)

  • On-site annual preventative screening/physicals and age-appropriate lab screenings

  • CDL physicals

  • Treatment of acute infections (colds, flu, ear infection, etc)

  • Order and interpret lab tests and x-rays

  • Prescribe & manage medications for acute conditions

  • Simple laceration repair

  • Easy referrals to specialists

  • On-site immunizations

  • Drug screening

  • Personalized coaching to help employees make healthy lifestyle changes: Weight loss and Smoking cessation

  • Clear reporting and communication

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Take Control Over the Delivery of Healthcare for Your Employees

Beyond controlling costs, there are the harder-to-measure yet equally valuable benefits to the bottom line. By offering direct healthcare access for your employees and their dependents they will benefit from a more convenient, higher quality of care.  They will also be able to make healthy lifestyle changes with guidance and support from a certified provider.

Improve Overall Health and Quality of Life | Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention
Increase Workplace Safety | Improve Access and Quality of Care | Increase Productivity & Reduce Absences

Customized Healthcare Plans Can Save Your Company Money,
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